Man Hole Cleaning Service in Long Island to Avoid Floods

A flood is an overflow of water on land which can be caused due to heavy rainfall. A flood pumping service is used to dewatering large amounts of water during flooding from your building, parking or from home.

In order to prevent or reduce the damage followed by flood, water control pumps should be used to drain that flood. A water pump comes in three types- puddle pumps, sump pumps and engine-driven pumps.

Puddle Pumps

o Pumps low level of water
o Can be used internally or externally
o No pre-installation required
o Easily transported

Sump Pumps

o Can be permanently installed
o Use internally or externally
o Wide choice of flow rates
o Good at dealing with ground water flooding, seepage and rainfall

Engine Driven Pumps

o Can be used in remote areas
o High flow rates
o Does not require power supply
o Cannot be used internally

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A manhole is a covered opening in a road made of heavy metal lid that can be used by a worker to enter in order to reach underground wires, pipes that may need to be check and repair. The motives of manhole are- used for inspection, cleaning and removing obstruction in the sewer line, allows joining or aligning of sewer or changing the direction of sewer and allows the escape of considerable gases and helps in ventilation.

Location of Manhole: Manhole is provided when

• There is change in grade of sewer
• There is change in size of sewer
• There is change in alignment
• At junction of two or more sewers

Depending upon the depth manhole can be classified into three types:

1. Shallow manhole

Shallow manhole is covered with a light lid and also called as inspection chamber. It is placed in a light traffic area and provided a shallow depth of 75–90 cm.

2. Normal manhole

Normal manhole is usually of square or rectangular shape and is provided a depth of 150 cm with a heavy cover lid.

3. Deep manhole

Deep manhole is provided with the facility for going down with increased space and depth greater than 150 cm with a heavy cover on the top.
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We Specialize in Locating Servicing and Intstalling Drywells, Septic Tanks, Cesspools, Overflows, Grease Traps, Rain Drains, Catch Basins, Storm Drains etc.